I offer something the Vancouver City Council has never had; that is perspective and vision from a person who is permanently, physically disabled. Living the past 20 years of my life in a wheelchair I have seen, heard, and experienced things, both positive and negative, that all citizens may not have had to endure. As an activist I support basic human rights and civil liberties on all levels, and my vision on quality of life for everyone is equal. Diversity of perspective is increasingly important now. We are experiencing things as a nation that for some are unsettling. To have someone who offers a different perspective on City Council would send an uplifting and inspiring message that as a community, regardless of mobility, ethnicity, or background, we are all on the same team. 

My top priorities are ensuring public safety and public access. I believe in equal access for everyone; barrier free access for the physically disabled and access to open and transparent government. Access to healthcare, transportation, education, city programs and access to green space in our parks. Aside from our public safety and accessibility, I want to build stronger partnerships with Clark County and our neighboring cities. We need to build relationships so that when the best resolution for both our city and its citizens would require a multi-agency agreement, the partnership is already effective and firm.

I will bring the understanding that to continue strengthening the community, the council must listen to and work with our citizens. However, representing and working with our citizens is only the starting point of strengthening our community. Addressing the many concerns and looking for ways to incorporate the people's desires into the city's vision, in the most efficient and cost effective manner, will continue to build both a strong, safe and engaged community. Continuing to strengthen our community and making sure all the great things about Vancouver are available and accessible to all is a vital element in boosting a thriving and robust economy.